Sunday, May 1, 2011


My eldest son Zachariah came up with a word this week...
This is the word I am using to describe the next Intensive I am giving. I will post details as they come in...inspired in Sedona~

Prerequisites will include~

One month prior preparations~

No recreational drugs~ (this includes tobacco and alcohol)

Nutritional program that includes enzymes and minerals from Enzymes International.

Daily meditation~ holding the body perfectly still for a minimum of one hour per day.

Holding the Kriya palate point...with your tongue on the roof of your mouth where the soft and hard palate meet. There may be a dent or bump...with an electrical pulse or vibration.
Bring the awareness to this as much as possible.

Practicing alternate nostril breathing, and three part breath every day.

Sunrise/Sunset meditation, with Extreme Gratitude~

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