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Living Love~Living Light

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December 9-11
March 2-4
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Awakening the Illumined Heart
These teachings were shared by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
Focus on moving consciousness to Heart~

Experiencing Heart MerKaBa

Transitioning to Unity Consiousness~

Recommended reading,
Ancient Secret of the Flower Of Life~ Vol 1,2
Living In the Heart
by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Drunvalo Melchizedek and The School of Remembering

Drunvalo Melchizedek’ School of Remembering

 Drunvalo Melchizedek has created a new school called the School of Remembering.  His entire life’s work will be completed in this school.  Teachers are trained in this new school that goes beyond the Mer-Ka-Ba (brain generated) to the complete understanding of the human consciousness revolution that is now occurring. 
The Mer-Ka-Ba (Heart generated) needs to be connected with the body (on Earth) for human potential to unfold. It is the heart that contains the original instructions of Life, and when the heart is again in control of a person’s life, Life responds with joy and power.  When the Heart Mer-Ka-Ba is connected with Body, that person’s life becomes consciously interconnected to all life everywhere and continues to move into higher consciousness naturally.
These new teachers are called Awakening The Illuminated Heart Teachers
 The new name for the training is Awakening the Illuminated Heart.

I am given permission by Drunvalo to teach this work after I completed the teachers training in July 2011

Drunvalo and Illia

April 12-15~ 2012

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Being held in Petrolia ON Canada

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Living Heart~ Unity on Earth
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Five days on the Sacred Land at Mount Shasta
Swimming in Castle Lake!

Living the Magic of Being in Heart!

Dates to be announced for August 2012

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Sacred Mount Shasta
It is recommended that the three events be attended in sequence....
as clearing old patterns (belief systems) and their emotional counterpart precedes true heart experience...... Unified consciousness.

I don't know this person....but I found the following writing interesting~
 I acknowledge Hope....the feminine counterpart to Gabriel.....the only way the higher energies exist is through the merging of feminine/masculine energies.... K??
I find the energies of Hope/Gabriel are very present at Mount Shasta~

Copied with permission of the author~

Archangel Gabriel through Dr. Frank Stainetti ~ The Momentum of Light ~ 2012 and Beyond
Posted September 22nd, 2011 

The Momentum of Light -
The New Human and the New Earth -
The Great Truths of 2012 and Beyond Are Revealed to Humanity: It's not what we thought:
•The Great Secret: Humanity Discovers The Light Of The Soul
•The Truth Of The Second Coming Is Revealed
•The Three Stages Of Soulmerging
•The End Of Days, The End Of Time As We Know It
•The Birthing Of A New Earth And The Three Days Of Darkness
•Behold, The Birth Of A New Sun
•The New Human Is Revealed
The Momentum of Light is the divine plan unfolding. We will attempt to explain the causal effects for your evolution at this time. This is a most celebrated time in creation and a time where all have the opportunity to enter their next level of existence. The new Human will merge with their fourth dimensional self or spiritual body, heart centered, and vibrating in the light of the soul. There will be two Earths; one vibrating in third dimension and a new Earth that is ascended into its forth dimensional planet timed with the birthing of a new sun. Earth and collective humanity are experiencing the magnetic pulls and creational metamorphosis that is in transit at this time, from within you and all around you, altering your vibrational existence. The earth at this time is cosmically lining up with the 12 known suns, and the absolute center of your galaxy. Within the center of your galaxy is the event horizon that is magnificently preparing to birth the new human, the new earth, and a new sun star. There will be two suns visible from the New Earth, with opalescent rainbow colored skies. As we approach 2012 and beyond, but more specifically over the next three to five years, all stars, planets and animate and sentient life will feel a powerful and magnetic momentum of creation occurring within them. The inner longing to partially ascend, to enter their forth dimensional vibration, to transcend fear and enter the vibration of love, is now coming to fruition. All harmful emotional thoughts within the collective consciousness of humanity will reach unprecedented chaos as time is speeding up toward what your Bible calls “The Great Shift”. Humanity will realize that they are their own wrath; they are within themselves the “Four Horsemen”! Mans' inhumanity to man has created multi-generational emotional wounds of hatred, judgment and tyranny over each other.  This has created energized morphogenic thought fields around your planet, polarizing fear, that are fed by these inner thoughts of mans' inhumanity toward each other. This global thought field also is magnetic, seeking to influence your thoughts toward fear and stress. Increasing inner vibration relieves the emotional pull and influence of this collective human generated thought field. 
The procession of the equinoxes is nearly complete and creation is birthing all anew. The new human will be vibrating fully in their fourth dimensional body as well as the new earth. During these next few years, Prime Creator will facilitate this birth; at which time Humanity will enter “the three hours of darkness”. It will be upon you to choose, weather to remain on third dimensional earth for another 26,000 year kali yuga, or soulmerge with your fourth dimensional body and awaken upon “The New Earth”. Those who have soulmerged prior to the three hours of darkness will be fully awake during the transition! For those who wait until the last minute to soulmerge and transmute emotional burdens, we will define the word darkness. It is simply when the entire consciousness along with your physical body passes through the thresholds of one dimension to the next. This lucid state will fill your observable awareness with what that threshold looks and feels like, which is like looking up at the night sky - blue black with multiple points of light, and the feeling of the sweetness of all that is not yet born. When the points of light disappear and the dawn begins, you will have awoken onto the new earth. How will you choose? It's up to you. Eventually, all of humanity will soulmerge with their soul light within, facilitating their transformation into their fourth dimensional heart centered beingness, leaving fear based third dimensional reality behind. You are already familiar with the fourth dimension. It is the source of your intuition, the source of your love, and automatic knowingness. 
The Great Secret: Humanity Discovers The Light Of The Soul
There are those within humanity who are “the way showers”, known as the ancient ones. You know who you are! They are showing the way by example, entering the great challenge of the direct experience of the light within them, “The light of the soul”. Soulmerging. Throughout their lives they have possessed an unceasing urge or a call within themselves to remember who they are; a call to embark upon “the journey within” which would reveal a great secret. Within their soul memory is the recognition of sacred symbols, sacred words and sacred geometry, all pointing the way to remembering how to access divine light; the divine light of the soul within them, and divine energies all around them, vibrating just beyond the physical senses. They also have memory of how to access elemental energies within nature's “Four Temples of Earth”; earth, air, sunlight, and water, by coming into their center and full body breathing. This merging of the soul with nature is the true meaning of communion, spiritual dominion and what it means to merge into union. They hold within themselves the past life soul memory of when humanity lived within their light, their golden essence. 
The Secrets are held within all of humanity, but you must go within to find it. The kingdom of heaven is within! The inner secret reveals how to increase the vibrational rate of your auric energy field by transmuting emotional burdens, thereby raising your vibration enough to experience “HEAVEN on EARTH”! This is a heart opening experience to the energy of love and inner light. Currently thought not to be possible, it is called the SOULMERGE. The greatest adventure in life is the self- discovery of this secret and to get there one must enter “The Path of Healing”. Humans are discovering that there is a light within them at the center of each chakra; a light dormant and yet accessible. These are the codes of light lying dormant within your DNA. What are also held in each one of the seven chakras are the seven core wounds of collective humanity. These are emotional wounds held in memory from childhood and past lives. These wounds are lower vibrating contracted layers and pockets of energy which darken the naturally (high vibrating) illuminated state of the human auric energy field, keeping them locked into the third dimension. There are many variations of lower vibratory states of existence known as wounds: fear, self-judgment, distrust, fear resulting from abuse or terror, self deception, rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, power vs. victim, conditional love, and the inability to express uniqueness to name a few. These are emotional experiences held within memory, within the auric field as darkened contracted pockets of energy. The physical and emotional body remembers everything that ever happened in life beginning in the womb.   
The way showers volunteered to go first within humanity to discover their inner emotional burdens and transmute them. By transmuting they exponentially increase their light quotient, illumination and vibration, open their inner star gate and open the Divine corridor and enter the soulmerge experience. Their task has and is extremely challenging to say the least.
The Truth Of The Second Coming Is Revealed
The wayshowers are soulmerging in three waves or groups of 144,000. These groups are activating their inner light and creating “The Momentum of Light” within collective human consciousness. They are building an enormous body of light within collective consciousness that will tip the collective influence and pull of fear based collective thought fields and third dimensional suffering. Your great book, the Bible, refers to this “Momentum of Light” as “The Second Coming”. There is not just one Messiah returning but rather a very large group. “I came as the Lamb, I return as the Lion”, or the many and they are unstoppable! They know who they are for they have chosen “the path of healing” in their lifetime by lifting the inner emotional burdens and therefore increasing their vibration and energy of aliveness. As the lower vibrations of emotional wounds transmute, the fourth and fifth dimensional light that lies within humanity, however dormant, begins to radiate from them like a light onto the world. Collectively, the first 144,000 that soulmerge are creating “The Momentum of Light”, what the Archangels call “The Divine Plan”. To date, worldwide there are 69,772 who have soul merged, igniting their partial ascension. When this number reaches 144,000, they will have created one body of light within the unified field of consciousness that connects all of humanity to each other stimulating a profound inner call of the heart from within the collective consciousness of humanity. This one body of light is also known as the building of the one heart within collective human consciousness. This will tip the energy of the collective fear based third dimensional burden to the threshold of fourth dimensional love within every human being on the planet! The call to enter the higher energies of love within will become overwhelming. The emotional longing for love is common within all mankind. It is this longing that will become an intense inner focus to return to the source of you which is love.  
Those who are the wayshowers have it the most difficult for transmuting their lower bodies is very difficult when you are the first on the block to do so. As each one enters their light body, their momentum of light accelerates and they collectively and holographic ally make it easier for all of humanity to do the same. When one sees the light upon the suffering within them it becomes easy to choose to live differently. There is a common dream for all to stop longing for love and joy and begin to live it and become love and joy. The ancient ones have been strategically placed around the world corresponding with Earth's energy grid and star gate system. They have been rebuilding the Christ conscious grid around your planet earth which was destroyed at the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. Many Lemurians are awakening among “the wayshowers”.  This Christ conscious grid is the thirteenth dimensional, vibrational radiance of earth that was destroyed during the time of Atlantis and it has now been rebuilt by the bringers of the dawn. This high vibrational grid is now completed and timed with earth's alignment with the center of the galaxy preparing for the birthing of the new sun. Those who have been building this grid have felt the magnitude and compelling desire to be in certain holy sites, monasteries, ancient sites of mystery schools, temples, and many unmarked points on your planet, activating the light codes within them and reopening earth's meridians and most importantly her star-gates.  
All of Humanity Enters The Three Stages of Soulmerging
The First Stage of Soulmerging: Who am I?
During the first stage of soulmerging an individual will feel a powerful urge to take a “journey within” and explore the spiritual self. There will be a desire to change from the inside out and become accountable, self-responsible and aware of who you are beneath false identities. A non-stop need to explore inner self discovery and spirituality! Life as you knew it begins to change.
Every human on earth is aware of The Momentum of Light. They are experiencing the feeling that the world as they knew it is changing and their inner and outer reality feels as if time is speeding up. This evolution of consciousness is an act of creational genesis which has a powerful magnetic influence on the human auric energy field and the four bodies of existence, literally morphing human energy into its next level of existence. They are experiencing it directly in day-to-day life through the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. The light bodies that are building within the 144,000, combined with the cosmic line-up of earth at the center of your galaxy, are creating a powerful, magnetic pull on your energy within each of your bodies of existence. In the physical body all that is in disharmony, all toxic habits and poorly sourced foods and environmental pollutants, and the energy of intense inner wounds that are held within the physical body are being pulled to the surface of your feeling body making you acutely aware of their presence through the symptoms of every common malady known to man from colds to cancer. The body is seeking its fourth vibrational level of existence and it must lift these burdens to reach it.  
During the first stage you begin to discover that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies have unique characteristics and energetic qualities that are dynamic yet can be controlled and directed in a positive, self empowering, and heartfelt way. All will come to know their inner language of energy within each body of existence that contributes to the wholeness of their being. This self-discovery is very empowering and brings freedom to an otherwise victim and fear based existence. Humans are learning and participating in the universal laws of attraction and how what they think and feel creates their realities. They are discovering they are manifesting everything in their life at the speed of emotional thought! This new understanding of thought and feeling energy empowers the knowing that you are a dynamic creator being which then compels your desire and responsibility toward actions of love and the highest good for yourself and all! This shift in awareness, right action, and right use of will, begins to create great change in every relationship you have with the world and people around you.  Everything you thought was important but is not in harmony or in the fulfillment of your heart will begin to change.
The Second Stage of Soulmerging: The path of healing begins.
Healing the emotional body becomes the only way to meet and flow with the evolution of consciousness that is accelerating within you.  It will be discovered that the unconscious is simply layers of memories, some buried deeper than others, that are driving unwanted behavior and identities or unwanted life reactions and personality traits.
More profound is the continuous magnetic pull within the emotional body that is bringing to the surface of your awareness every painful emotional wound and memory in order to choose differently.  Ready or not, emotional experiences of your past are rising to the surface of your awareness and it will feel uncomfortable by design in order to get your attention.  Every core emotional wound of humanity lies in multiple levels of dormancy within the energy of the human auric energy field held in memory.
By healing these wounds one dramatically alters or transmutes unhealthy self-sabotaging and dysfunctional behaviors into the new vibrational states of freedom and peace within.
Due to the soulmerging currently underway, and because of the powerful effects of The Momentum of Light, the lower vibration of contracted wound energy within these dormant levels of  the emotional body are flushing to the surface of awareness for every human on the planet.  Most commonly, within your everyday life, you are noticing tremendous emotional dramas playing out in every relationship you have with life and with others. These dramas are fueled by emotional wounds driving the quality of your reality. Humanity is discovering they are manifesting their reality at the speed of emotional thought. Once again, the wounds within are driving unwanted thoughts, mental behavior and unwanted reactions. You want to change, but cannot understand why you can't change. Go within yourself. Discover the inner wounds, heal and transmute the dark energy and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Inner feelings of rejection, self- judgment and hatred, the need to manipulate and control, and the feelings of being less than or more than are flushing rapidly to your awareness and manifesting themselves symptomatically as dis-eases. These dis-ease states are labeled reoccurring sadness, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, bi-polar disorder and every attention deficit condition you can imagine. An unprecedented inner call to change your personal relationships, profession or job have risen to the surface of your thoughts and emotions all seeking one thing - that you return to the love and joy of your being and set this previous way of living aside.  Medications are not the solution only a most frightening delay. However, we recognize your modern chemistry can be an aid for a very brief period. However, due to the fear and dis-ease mongering within your medical paradigm this brief aid turns into years giving you more problems and symptoms than you started out with. One way or the other all that is toxic is rising to the surface of you so that you can transmute, heal and choose differently.
The Third Stage of Soulmerging
The direct experience of heart openings and the high energy of inner light begin to be realized and actualized. There will be several heart openings leading up to the soulmerge. Each sequential heart opening will vibrationally elevate you into the next octave of love. You will realize and enter the beauty within and while this is occurring the world around you and the people in your life will begin reflecting their inner beauty back to you. The experience is profound and luminous. Your four bodies of existence also become realized to their sensitivity. The physical body will now feel more of the world around it becoming naturally empathic and craving all that is 'el natural', holistic, joyful and positive. The physical body now perceives with a higher sense of perception as the fourth dimensional self and nature reveal and avail themselves.
There remains an ongoing change under way in your life, relationships, career, and home - out with the old and in with the new. It's all about the fulfillment of the heart, love, passion, joy, happiness and creativity! Collectively, humanity seeks that which sustains the highest good for all.
The path of healing is underway. Each burden that heals or transmutes increases and restores a new level of vibration that remains and leads you toward the fourth dimensional vibratory level. There are seven core wounds that out picture into multiple dysfunctional behaviors that are common to humanity. They are fear/peace, rejection/acceptance, self-judgment/self-confidence, wisdom/deception, empowered/victim, the inability to receive love, love/conditional love, trust/knowing. These energetic wounds known as burdens and there many behavioral personality identities and characteristics are very dark and of low vibration. They darken the human auric energy field beyond recognition until barely a flicker of light and illumination can be observed. The natural human state that is love centered is where they are fully illuminated in their auric field where love and beauty rule the day and are the “living way”.  
The time for mental therapy is over; transformational healing is now what is required. Time is speeding up and will continue to accelerate.  There is one place left to go - WITHIN! To further define soulmerging, the light of your soul has been lying at the center of your being in a dormant state. Since the four bodies of human existence overlap each other, the interface of the spiritual body is how the soul and the heart of you communicate. The energy language of the heart and how to follow the heart is discovered. The heart communicates to you through feeling impressions such as the feeling of excitement. Further, it is the excitement in every flavor of passion, love and beauty that fills you up and also the feeling that something is wrong or not right or a neutral feeling about whatever it is you are facing. The heart also communicates through thought impressions known as intuition or automatic knowingness. Intuition comes to ones awareness softly and in a very subtle way. If you are not in your feeling body, grounded or centered, it is very easy to miss this communication from the heart. To follow the heart is to reside in the feeling body. Only entering the mind as needed. Using the mind as the tool it was meant for. It was never meant for you to live in your mental body as a way of life. When you live in the feeling body, you are living from the heart. As this occurs the interactive communication increases with the heart, facilitating the merging of your spiritual body giving way to the opening of the divine corridor of the soul. In this moment the light streams of your soul descend into the four bodies of existence and the soulmerge continues in multiple waves of light, dramatically increasing your light quotient and higher vibratory presence. At a certain point when enough of your core wound energy has transmuted you will experience the full light and heart opening experience of the soulmerge. Please note the soulmerge is only the beginning as many of the 144,000 are also partially entering their fifth and sixth dimensional self. You could call it one-foot-in and one-foot-out of third, fourth and fifth dimensional living.
The End of Days, The End Of Time As We Know It
The Momentum of Light is the divine unfolding of what the bible refers to as “the second coming”. This evolution of consciousness is an intense experience that is unfolding now. The second coming is not one individual referred to as the messiah. It is a group of 144,000 who are spread out all over the world. They are simply the first wave of those soulmerging who are paving the way for the rest of humanity. They are unstoppable for this moment of transcendence and returning to a heart centered existence has been decreed by God. There is a popular notion that the end of the Mayan calendar or December 24, 2012 marks the end of the world. This is far from the truth. There is no exact timing.  However, speaking for all archangels, this will most likely occur over the next three to five years. This celestial moment of creation does not come on an exact date. It is much like the magnetism of your full moon. The intensity for what is possible occurs in the days preceding, during and after the full moon. Not on the exact moment of the moon's fullness. It is the same for the partial ascension of humanity and the ascension of the new earth.
All are under this transformation now. How can you tell? Because everything in your life that is of disharmony is intensifying. Time is speeding up! What is intensifying? A continual emotional state that is magnifying the past and dysfunctional present rising within you over and over again as the heart is asking you to choose differently which will culminate during the final choice during the three hours of darkness. We must define the word darkness. It is simply when the entire consciousness along with your physical body passes through the threshold of one dimension to the next. This lucid state will fill your awareness with what that threshold looks like which is like looking up at the night sky - blue black with multiple points of light until the points of light disappear and the dawn begins and you have awoken onto the new earth. How will you choose? It's up to you. For those who choose to remain on third dimensional earth you will awaken to the third dimensional earth which you are in now but your continents will be redefined and the skies will boast of reddish brown hues that will remain with only pockets of full sunlit illumination. The opportunities to soulmerge again for those who choose to remain on third dimensional earth will not come again for another 26,000 years. 
Those who have chosen to soulmerge, thereby lifting their emotional burdens and entering a fourth dimensional vibration frequency of the heart will wake up to a new earth. There will be two suns. The skies will be a luminous opalescence of blue, pink and white hues. A visual glistening utopia that will sooth and satiate your beingness. The earth's continents will have a different outlining to them. The fourth dimensional beauty of unadulterated elementals of nature that will boast “the energy of aliveness” that could only be dreamed of. Many of your buildings and structures will look the same. However, the consciousness whether it be energy, food production, community affairs, or affairs of state will only be directed to that which is sustainable and in the highest good for all. Third dimensional endeavors that previously attempted to divide and conquer, maintain tyranny over others, or produce scarcity through market conditions will not be allowed. These ways of existence are of extremely low vibration. They will no longer occur within the minds of man and neither will mans' inhumanity to man continue. The new human will realize they are dynamically creating with the energy of their auric fields simply by using their mental and emotional directed thoughts and feelings. Finally, humanity will feel the living truth that surrounds them.
Humanity is manifesting creation and realities at the speed of emotional thought. They will finally realize that true communion is the merging with nature and each other through the energies of beauty and heartfelt connection and union. No longer receiving a wafer of communion but now living through love, mankind will find their dimensional merging with and communion with all elemental and sentient beings brings about new worlds not yet even dreamt of. Is this a utopia? Is this shambala? Yes. In reality, part of all humanity exists here in the new earth and their new human self now. This part of you continually whispers feeling impressions for the longing to live the dream and enter the fulfillment of the heart. These are some of the many virtuous living experiences that result from the many stages of soulmerging. These are the ancient truths known by the Essenes at the time of Christ that are coming forth now through this messenger. These truths were written down before by him in many lost gospels that have been hidden in the vaults of those who would limit the freedom to God by others.  
The New Human is Revealed
Becoming the new human at this most holy hour of creation is now in continuous transformation through the day-to-day living experiences that most humans are not prepared for. Prior to the three days of darkness you will feel as though you have one foot in the third dimension and one in the forth. The communication from within the heart and the merging of the spiritual body at this time of celestial alignment will demonstrate itself in the following ways:
•Profound changes in every relationship in life
•Increased intuition and automatic knowingness
•Dramatic changes in your emotional and mental outlook
For some this change will be a long time in coming, nagging you and creating much emotional upheaval in your life. Stimulating the “crash and burn” also known as, “I just can't take it anymore”! For the average person that is just the beginning of feeling the magnetism of the momentum of light. All doors to your reality of that which is toxic are beginning to close. The fulfillment of the heart is under way and love demands everything. What does this mean to you? The energy from within you for all that is in disharmony, all that is out of balance, and all that is perceived within you as self-judgment will transmute. The energy of love is now entering human existence. It is of fourth and fifth dimensional vibration. All wound energy is of low vibration and of non-luminous energy and as you transmute the wound energy the luminous self is revealed and the new self, the new human, is birthed. This new birth will give rise to the following:
•A new capacity to feel love within you, flowing through you and flowing through the unified field all around you that until now, was not thought to be possible.
•A distinct new feeling of the lightness of being, almost translucent and absent of inner burdens.
•The discovery of soul memory - who you are and your purpose in life, your soul's uniqueness and the fulfillment of the heart.
•A new energy of aliveness, a heightened sense of vitality (higher energy) that remains.
•A profound innocence and wonderment for life, a new feeling of freedom that was not present before.
•The feeling of being so full of hope and unity that is without end.
•Natural self healing abilities emerge that were not there before.
•An increase in intuition and automatic knowingness that provides solutions…continuously.
•Accessing “at will” the inner state of love and the “I am” presence and a peace beyond understanding.
•Accessing and experience of the light within “at will”…Yes, I said LIGHT.                                                                                                                   
The Momentum of Light by
Archangel Gabriel through Dr. Frank Stainetti

Saturday, August 6, 2011

For those of you interested in learning Drunvalo's work from a teacher near you, soon there will be about 90 people that Drunvalo trained posted to his website.